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 MICHEL (JEAN -MICHEL) has been providing clients with superior quality service through his international experience from France and the US.
 He has worked in many top-notch salon, Alexandre de Paris (as a colorist), Elizabeth Arden Red Door in Washington DC, MISTER LEE and 77 Maiden Lane in San Francisco.
 Along with his experience working in the salon he has been involved with many special events like weddings, stage, theatre and styling collection for fashion shows.
 Professionalism, experience, talent and attention to details as well as patience and friendliness make Jean Michel the best value for your special needs.                                             In his free time , as a hobie he enjoys sailing on the San Francisco bay, oil painting ,creative media, and enjoying nature.


With a large repertoire going from Retro to Avant Garde, or Classic to Modern, Jean Michel can create a wide variety of different styles.

His trained eyes and technical skill will  add charisma  to your look .