Starting may 2016     ,            I will be offering            ,         KERATIN  SERIES               (4 treatments included "a year worth of maintenance") for  the price of $600  . A Great Deal !!!

 the glycolic smoothing system has been discontinued and replace by the " personalized  blow out" , brand new product from keratin  complex.

'Keratin Complex Personalized Blow Out™ Same Day Keratin Treatment is a customizable, zero-downtime keratin treatment that has the ability to smooth or straighten the hair or define curl. Powered by K-Pure JuiceTM, a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanicals and amino acids. Preserves the hair fibers’ mechanical strength. Increases manageability, retains moisture and delivers radiant shine. Cumulative results. Results last up to 3 months.


starting February 2018 i will be using this new amazing chemical  called Olaplex.

i will use it as a standalone treatment or as an add on for color, hilits or balayage.

Either for compromise hair  or  for fine hair needing body and strenght this original bond building product  will make hair noticeably stronger.

SHOT OF LOVE.............................................................................................................................................................

WHAT IS IT? A concentrated dose of keratin

WHAT DOES IT DO? Strenghten s bonds and increases vibrancy while coloring

HOW DOES IT WORK? Multi- patented triple layer repair technology strengthens hair from the inside out

 add keratin protein to be gentle on the hair.  restore strength  ,creating a smooth ,radiantly shiny finish.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS PRODUCT?I  It does not interfere with  the lightener and leave no permanent coating on the hair , which can eventually  cause the hair  to dry out and crack, leaving scars on the cuticle.

The result: greater color vibrancy, reduced frizz and less breakage.


  A new exciting update for damaged hair.

Introđucing. VITALSHOT. Restorative. Keratin. Ampoule

This restorative. Remedy fortifies weak,damaged hair,instantly. reduce frizz, and delivers antioxidant protection against environmental. aggressors. each concentrated single application delivers a powerful dose of keratin to strengthen the hair's cortex while binding moisture to the cuticle,  creating a smooth, shiny appearance.Each VITALSHOT restorative keratin ampoule. Can be used on its own or paired with color refresh service or moisture replenishing masque.

Here is more detail on the new menu...

 1. Keratin booster. ( WHO IT'S FOR)         All hair types                                                                                                                                           just one VITALSHOT restores strength. and resilience to damaged, weak or compromised hair. it binds much needed. the hair to reduce frizz and create a radiant, shiny finish.                                                                          The perfect in between service. to maintain the smooth, frizz free results of keratin treatments. 

2 Radiant color.(WHO IT'S FOR)       color treated. Hair, Blonde and highlighted hair.                                                                 During your color refresh service,  a Vitalshot delivers additional. Smoothing and strengthening. benefits to intensify color's vibranc and enhance shine.           Brighten your blonde and give highlights. Renewed. radiance .     Perfect for anyone with dry,damaged. or overprocessed hair to deliver enhance protection. during lightening services.          

3 masque maximizer. (WHO IT'S FOR)   dull,dry hair ; any hair that craves moisture.                                                                                               Dry hair needs extra hydration to stay shiny and smooth.                        Enriched with keratin and antioxidant -rich olive oil extract to increase moisture for shiny, vibrant results, this replenishing treatment revitalizes hair that has been damaged due to thermal styling, uv damage, coloring or highlighting.This masque is for color treated, excessively dry or dull hair to help restore moisture and resilience while sealing in softness, smoothness and shine.                                                                                                                                                                                              




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