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   welcome to ombre , the appeal of caramel dipped-tips is a beachy cool color that doesn't show root regrowth right away ,so you can go longer in between appointments

  highlighting the hair in long foils with a color graduation from darker tones at the roots to lighter tones toward the ends, keeping in mind the length of the hair to achieve a realistic look.  then come the " balayage " a hair color technique in which dye is casually painted onto strands to create a more natural finish

  Le Balayage  "ombré hair", la nouvelle tendance coloration 2013 !

                                      For those not in the know, Ombre is a style that starts darker at the scalp and gradually gets lighter towards the tips of your hair.
Ombré is a trend that's really exploded over the last year which embracing the rooty look, giving all the perfect excuse to skip a trip to the salon and accept roots as a fashion statement rather than an embarrassing result of not getting the hair done.

 Love highlights, but aren't so fond of the upkeep? Me neither. 'Tis why I opt for the ombré effect that's popping up left, right and centre in Celebville. The latest star to join in on the trend is Jessica Biel, who showed off a darker base colour, complete with golden blond strands peeking out from the ends,.. It's no wonder stars are flocking to salons to get the style. Not only is it easy to maintain (since roots are encouraged), but depending on the variation of colors you choose, it can also appear either super subtle or intense. LOVE.

 Violet Lights Color

a unique look with dimension that frees the spirit and exudes emotion.

 Bold shades are hot this season...