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 Michel has been cutting my hair for almost a decade now - from the beginning he gave me a hair cut the perfectly suited by lifestyle.  When I became engaged, I immediately knew that I wanted Michel to do the hair for my bridesmaids and I on the big day.  And as always he did a fabulous job!

Hey Laaaaaaaadies.....!

After 7 years of living within a block of Clip Art, I've always walked by and casually "wondered" what was going on in there. Truth be told, it seemed more like a Mom's place - which is not a bad thing - I just had never considered inquiring about their services or Yelping them for that matter!

Until one rainy day, and also my bday, I was hosting a fancy-pants Hollywood themed Murder Mystery party. I needed an updo(!) as my curling iron and bottle of hairspray were not trusty enough w/my fine, long hair on such a hideous March day. So, I called Clip Art just hours before the party was to begin! Help...!

Low and behold, a kind Frenchman named Jean Michel was available within the hour. I hopped on over and voila! he did the most beautiful, classic updo based on what I told him about my Hollywood character and her black tie attire for the eve. And the price couldn't be beat; I would have paid MUCH more should I have gone somewhere else on Union or Chestnut.

What a treat! I highly recommend Clip Art and Jean Michel.
I have been going to Jean Michel for over 10 years and am so glad that he is now at Clip Art.  It is well appointed, has great light and the other stylists are very friendly.  Michel is a master with color/highlighting and seems to know just what to do each season of the year.