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Is it for you , will you benefit?
               bulky hair

               out of control
                 over processed or damaged hair

                frizzy hair

                 stiff hair from relaxers

              complain about how long it takes to dry their hair   and control frizz or bulk

               have difficult in growing their hair out

             want to wear their hair straight but also want the VERSATILITY of wearing their hair with curl too
    we only use safe keratin product , no toxic vapors causing skin and eye irritation due to high content of fermoldehyde

if you answer yes to any of the caracteristics above , you will  definetly enjoy the keratin treatment  or the blow out express
What is Keratin?

 What is Keratin? Keratin is a protein your hair is made up of. There are many ways our hair looses keratin; we age, we do services such as color, highlights, relaxers, etc. along with just the normal outside elements that damage our hair. Having a Keratin Treatment re-stores that keratin, to maintain the healthy hair we once had. Think of it this way…. We all know how nice it feels to drive on a very SMOOTH highway. We also know how it feels to drive on a highway that is full of potholes too! Think of your hair, if it is depleted of keratin it feels not so SMOOTH, the cuticle is all rough, broken and hair is damaged. By doing a Keratin service, you REPAIR that hair, you fill it with Keratin, you make it SMOOTH, now it feels very SMOOTH, looks SHINEY, and just feels good to the touch. Similar way the road crew repairs the road service. They fill it with asphalt, smooth it out using a steam roller, and you have a repaired highway that is nice and SMOOTH to drive on.

I am a certify instructor for the Simply Smooth  keratin


 an intro about the FACTS ...